Recreation and leisure are very important for all people, including people with motor neuron disease. Activities enjoyed before the disease should be maintained or modified so that they can still be enjoyed by people with motor neuron disease.

Painting with Motor Neuron Disease

· People with motor neuron disease who cannot paint with their hands may be able to paint by holding the brush or pen in their mouth. Consult your dentist about a special mouthpiece.
· Watercolor pens and pencils are cleaner to use than conventional brushes and paints.

Computers and Motor Neuron Disease

· Computers need minimal finger pressure and a rest can be used to support the arms.
· They can also be used as communication aids by people with motor neuron disease whose speech is affected.
· Computer games and social media platforms can be a way to connect to other people.
· Choosing computer that can be adapted to meet your changing needs.

Sewing and craftwork with Motor Neuron Disease

· Using long dressmaking pins with large heads
· Anchoring your pincushion with a suction cup
· Using needle threaders for both hand and machine needles
· Trying electric or lightweight scissors
· Clamp embroidery frames to a table

Sport and Motor Neuron Disease

Many people with motor neuron disease participated in sport before the onset of their illness. Sports activities can be continued after the onset of the illness as long as the activities do not impose negative impacts on the affected people. Although further active participation may be limited, people with motor neuron disease can keep up their interest and commitment by maintaining links with local clubs and enjoying companionship and support.

Recreation activities should be continued after onset of motor neuron disease, where possible, and modified if necessary. Even though participation in sport or leisure activities is limited, it is good keep up interest and companionship.