Diabetes dietDiabetes symptoms varysubject to the amount of blood sugar is elevated. The symptoms are usually different at different stage. Just like other diseases, symptoms develop further as time passes.

Some, especially those people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, may not experience symptoms initially. At this moment they can be subtle or seemingly harmless — if people have symptoms at all. As time goes by, however, people may develop diabetes complications, even though havennot had diabetes symptoms. Acquainted with possible diabetes symptoms can help to diagnose and handle it early, patients may have aliving of better health.

Below are a few common symptoms of diabetes. The typical symptoms include excessive thirst, food and increased urination, and loss of weight. When people have diabetes, more sugar is required to establish in the blood. Hence other tissues, like kidney, will function overtime to filter and absorb the additional sugar. If the kidneys donnot work well, the additional sugar will be eliminated outsidetogether with urine, whichresults in more urination.

Weight of diabetes patients will decrease and it is the umbrella of possible diabetes signs and symptoms. As the sugar goes along with frequent urination, the calories will lose. At the same time, the disease may keep the sugar from reaching the wells. Both result rapid weight loss, especially those people with type 1 diabetes.

Individuals with diabetesare inclined to feel fatigue. There are many factors for this, including dehydration, inability to function. This is because the body cannot use sugar for energy needs.

Diabetes sometimes causes vision problems. when tissue is pulled from the eye lenses, blurred visionwould happen, which affects the eyes’s capacity to focus. There are some severe cases, blindness or prolonged vision problems can occur. Besides this, people with diabetes may have tingling or numbness in thelimbs because there is too much sugar in the body and nerves could become damaged.

Diabetes symptoms are various and patients should get early treatment since the symptoms may worsen.