epilepsyEpilepsy is a chronic recurrent transient brain dysfunction syndrome. The disease characteristic is the repeated epilepsy seizure caused by the abnormal discharged of brain neuron. Epilepsy is one of the common diseases of nervous system, the morbidity is just followed that of stroke. The incidence of epilepsy is associated with age. In general, the highest prevalence is occurred to the patients within one year of age, followed by that within 1 ~ 10 years old, then gradually reduced. The ratio of men and women in our country is 1.15:1 ~ 1.7:1. No obvious difference was found between ethnic prevalence.

The Pathogenesis of the Epilepsy

The pathogenesis of the epilepsy is very complicated, can be divided into 3 categories, whilst there are many influence factors of the disease:
1.Idiopathic epilepsy
2.Symptomatic epilepsy

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The Symptoms and Clinical Features of Epilepsy

1.The total stiffness – clonus attacks (unspecified)
2.Simple partial seizure
3.The complex partial seizures
4.Absence seizure (attack)
5.Status epilepticus

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Epilepsy Treatment

The treatment of epilepsy can be divided into the control of occurence, etiological treatment, surgical treatment, general health and prevention of five aspects. One of the most important procedures is to control the seizures, the conventional medication is the main treatment.

Based on the most advanced and unique clinical experience, stem cell treatment is an alternative clinical technology for control the epilepsy seizures at present.

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