Spinal Cord Injury TreatmentThe disease of SCI was recorded back to 2500 BC by Ancient Egypt. Till 1940 AD, SCI was still defined as the same meaning of death.

Many treatments were tested by scientists and doctors. Among them, stem cells transplantation proved quite effective.

Stem cells have been applied for clinical test and application as SCI treatment for more than 10 years.

Main methods of stem cells transplantation are:

  1. Stereotactic nerve repair treatments
  2. Cisterna magna injection injection
  3. lumbar puncture
  4. Vein injection

It’s a minimally invasive surgery, takes about 1 hour. When stem cells are injected to human body, they perform functions as below:

  1. Alternative the damaged cells, and combines with the original nerve cells and form a new neural network, making the function properly.
  2. Supply nutrition to original cells
  3. Stimulate original cells to work actively

Physical changes after treatment

1) muscle strength under the injured surface increased, better motor function than before.

2) Lower sensory level and skin temperature come back to almost normal.

3) Improvement in postural hypotension which was caused by damaged vegetative nerve function (especially for high-level spinal cord injury patients), and the body temperature is close to or back to normal.

4) A certain degree of improvement in defecation and urinate disorder which were caused by sphincter disturbances, patients will have better bowls movement than before and can be aware of and control urinating.

5) Reduction of abnormal high muscular tension.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Cases