Case 1

Gender: man
Age: 51
Cause: dropped down from 5th floor

Before treatment:

no feelings from belly to toes.
can not control urine and stool

After stem cells transplantation, and with half year rehabilitation:

can has feelings with his legs
can sit well.
waist and legs feel more powerful
can stand up
can walk for 1 hour with walking aids.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Case 2

Gender: man
Age: 27

Before treatment:

L1 below paralysis,
can not feel anything with legs.
can not sit well,
when sit, easy to fall
have titanium knots inside body

After 7 months of his paralysis, he took the stem cells transplantation in May, 2013

After treatment:

can sit well,
have more strength of waist.
feel more part of his waist could move
can walk with the walking aids

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment