Mohammed-Parkinson Disease

The effort to cure diseases like Parkinson’s disease is on the minds of many people during this time of year, very pity there’s no cure way so far. But nowadays we have found out a way to control and improve it, it is stem cells. Maybe stem cells can cure it in the near future; we are looking forward to achieve it.

Name: Mohammed
Gender: Male
Age: 70 years old
Country: Indonesia
Diagnose: Parkinson Disease
Admission Date: 2014-04-10
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 7

Before treatment:

The patient has suffered from Parkinson for around 28 years since 1986, no shaking, but very stiff, he couldn’t stand up by himself, need support when standing or walking, sometimes walk backwards, speak with very low voice, no memory loss but sometimes hallucination occurs. Before he always taking medicine like Madopar or Nootrophil to control it, but medicine is taken with very low dosage because of hallucination, hallucination seems to occur if taking too much medicine.

Parkinson's Disease Cases - Indonesia

Mohammed, his family and Dr. Tian

From the examination we know patients hold very low blood pressure which makes him even couldn’t open his eyes, not enough energy.

Mohammed received one side robot assisted frameless stereotactic brain surgery and stem cell activating treatment to improve blood supply and damaged brain, nourishing and regenerating the neurons.

After treatment:
His listening and talking skill get better than before. His low blood pressure and stiffness are not that severe, he can enjoy TV together with his family. He feel stronger in his muscles of limbs. With daily physical exercise he will get more improvement.