Motor Neuron Disease Case - Australia


Name: Haik Adams
Gender: Male
Age: 54 years old
Country: Australia
Diagnose: Motor Neuron Disease
Admission Datez: 2014-04-02
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 15

Before treatment:

The patient suffered from weakness of the lower limbs 1.5 years ago, from left leg to right leg. It was accompany with muscles jumping and pain. The patient suffered from slight muscle atrophy and the disease progressed gradually. In September of 2013 he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease. In November of 2013 his lower limbs were almost couldn’t be moved. He received treatment in local hospital, but the effect was not good. His disease was aggravated in 1 year, he and his family were so eager to look for a good treatment for such disease; they searched so many hospitals that can treat it, finally he chose us. From January to March of 2014, his disease aggravate very fast, he couldn’t lift his upper limbs either. The main symptoms before treatment there was obvious muscle atrophy in four limbs. There is almost no strength in his legs. He couldn’t move himself, couldn’t turn over, couldn’t lift four limbs, couldn’t stand, almost everything need family support.

From the onset of disease, the patient had normal spirit, diet and sleep. His had normal defecation. His weight has increased than before, much shrink appears in his body especially in legs and feet.

Haik Adams received all relevant examinations. The patient received neural repair treatment and stem cell activating treatment. He received treatment to repair and improve nerves and also to nourish the neurons. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.

The patient’s spirit is stable. The diet and sleep is good. The muscle strength has increased slightly and the shrink has decreased. He can turn over with little support. He has got more strength to move wheelchair. And he could lift his arm much more than before. The grasp power of hands has increased 1 level. The muscle strength of the left lower limb has increased to 1 level; the muscle strength of the right lower limb has increased to 1+ level. The whole feeling is better than before. Now he is still insist to do exercise at home, there will be more improvements in the near future.

Motor Neuron Disease Case - Australia

Doctor Team and Haik